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Frequenty asked questions

Q. Do you provide in person sessions or over the phone?

I do provide over the phone.  I also offer in person, if you are local.  These sessions need to be requested via email.  I recommend text or messenger as it helps me connect organically- no body language reading or voice tones.  Because a lot of information comes through and some of it will make sense later, it's nice to be able to have the conversation to look back on. 

Q. What to expect?

Once a session is purchased, I will email you to schedule.  Day of the session and scheduled time I will text or call.  Immediately, I will be flooded with information.  This information comes in as colors, random symbols, etc. that come up as validation and/or the subject of focus.  Expect the first 5-10 minutes to be a little confusing.  Sometimes it feels as if I dumped a box of a thousand puzzle pieces out and we have to sort it out.  TRUST it all makes sense in the end.  Expect the information that is absolutely necessary to come in.  Sometimes loved ones step in-could be someone you're not expecting.  Expect references such as guides, aura colors, gifts of color-which these colors  are to be worn, visualized during meditation, or eat foods with these colors. 

Q. How does it work?

A color reading can be done in one of two ways.
The first is by using a deck of color cards with a side of intuition.  It is a fast way for me to focus on one subject while allowing the universe to speak through color.
The second way is through medium color sessions.  These sessions allow me to go into a colorful trance mode.  Through color sessions, I am able to communicate with the spirit realm.  Loved ones who have left the physical world may step forward, as well as spiritual guides or angels.  Color is used as a form of communication from the spirit realm.  During these sessions, I am shown my client's color-energy-aura.  
Depending on what the focus point of the session is, is how the session will work.  At times people just want to know their loved ones are okay-so they can have some closure or a little healing.  Loved ones communicate through colors and symbols.  For example, with a red aura-the loved one was bold, active, the life of the party, and not passive.  They will communicate with me and say what is needed at the time, this could be anything from guidance or encouragement.  They suggest colors regarding different subjects.  
For example, a client may be overly emotional and I see their life as distressed.  Their loved ones will suggest yellow be worn, eaten, or visualized for joy and more logic-which shifts the aura.
Sometimes clients do not have anyone who has crossed over, they just want to see what their "colors are"- meaning what their aura/energy field looks like and if any guidance comes through.  What these colors tell me are where my client is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  During these sessions I am communicating with higher self or spirit guides. 

Q. Is it scary? Will anything negative come up?

No, it is not scary.  It can be overwhelming at times.  It can also be shocking, I am shocked on a regular basis.  Because I only channel in white light, I am only shown positive messages from beings who are in heaven realms.  
 Therefore, I cannot tell you if you're being cheated on, or if you are dating the wrong person, etc.  
However, it doesn't hurt to ask spirit questions-if you feel you can handle the answer.  And that's if spirit has an answer. 

Q. May I ask questions?

Do not expect your questions to be immediately answered by spirit. Even though you may want to bring along a list of questions or you may hope to hear from a specific person or persons, this is not always the best approach. Every reading is unique. Sometimes spirits will “open up” for questions and other times they won’t. It might be better to go into the reading with no expectations and let the information which comes through the medium to unfold at its own pace.

Q.  What is the difference between a psychic & a medium?

A psychic tends to focus on past, present, and future.  A medium focuses on communicating with loved ones who have left the physical world and spirit guides.  
A psychic can have different abilities, but may not be able to communicate with spirits.   A medium communicates with spirits and may have psychic abilities when necessary.

Q. What is a spiritual guide?

Spirit guides are beings that are assigned to us before we are born that help nudge and guide us through life.  They’re responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate.  Your higher self helps select these guides, who help us while we are living out our incarnation.

Q. What is colour therapy & how does it tie into medium sessions?

 I'm an artist, so it was no surprise to me that when this medium ability began, spirit began using color as a form of communication.  
I use colors for three things. 

When opening my "spiritual door"
 I may be shown a loved one who has passed and their colors around them-meaning their aura while in the physical world.  These colors show me major characteristics and personality traits-which works as validation.  They also show me if their aura has changed while on the other side, meaning growth-found or finding peace.  
 I may be shown the client and their colors-meaning their aura.  This tells me where the client is mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.
 The third way color is used is when spirit suggests specific colors be worn, visualized, or eaten by the client.  
Because everything is energy-we are energy-color is energy.  These colors create a gentle shift in the aura/energy field.  
For example, when a person is depressed-their aura is a heavy dark purple.  In order to shift this, spirit suggest the color yellow.  Yellow is a joyous color that also helps with happy thoughts and provides mental and emotional energy.  
Color is used as a tool and validation during sessions.  Clients feel color works as a prescription for their emotional health and wellbeing.  


Q. What is a healing session & what should I expect?

Energy Healing is a broad term for any therapy that stimulates the energy flow in or around the human body to restore balance on all levels, thereby enabling the physical body to heal itself. Basically clearing blocks and interferences from the biofield.
We are all made up of light energy, as is everything around us. It is the most basic building block of life, but like the air we breathe we usually can’t see it. Energy flows through everything and creates everything. Even our thoughts and emotions are energy. It is just a difference in the resonance that gives us the illusion of substance. Part of the true magic of Energy Healing is that it can be transferred to anyone, anywhere in the world with very positive results.
When energy does not flow properly, because of negative thought patterns, trauma, anger, fear, etc- it can create energy blockages within the seven main chakras.  What this may end up doing is manifest into addictions, physical illness, or severe emotional issues.  
What I do is assist in clearing these blocks and healing the energy that was caused by trauma, anger, fear, etc.  Spirit has me perform healing sessions as a cosmic artist.  I begin energetically painting over chakras.  Recharging them, drawing sacred geometry over specific chakras, and energetically flushing out unwanted energy.  Sometimes I am asked to draw flowers over the third eye chakra.  Sometimes I am asked to create a cosmic wave from the throat out the mouth to clear the communication within the client and the rest of the world.  At times I am asked to create white angel bubbles around the client.  Each session is extremely unique and has never been the same for anyone.  
What to expect
For me to schedule.  Because energy doesn't have time or space limitations, all healing sessions are distant healing.  Before the session, I will ask you to lay down for 30 minutes undisturbed.  
Expect to feel nervous, anxious, or excited.  Some clients report feeling tingles, butterflies, energy sparks, like a weight has been lifted, or crown region electricity. Some clients report becoming very sleepy,  wide awake,  crying, feeling at peace, having sudden clarity, overly emotional, or all of the above after a healing session.  All are common.   It is the energy moving out so you may be dealing with it as it is moving out and away from you.  Some report feeling none of this.  Everyone is different.  
Sometimes I receive information where the trauma stemmed from, sometimes I see into past life energy you may be carrying, sometimes I receive messages.  
After the 30 minute healing is completed, I will text you with information or with no information.  I will ask you if you have any questions or concerns or would like to share information with me. 

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