3O MINUTE SESSION VIA Phone call. ๐Ÿ“ž๐ŸŒˆHow does this session work & what does it include?This session allows me to go into a colorful trance mode.Through this color session, I am able to communicate with the spirit realm.Loved ones who have left the physical world may step forward, as well as spirit guides or angels. Color is used as a form of communication from the spirit realm.During this session, I am shown colors/energy field/aura.Depending on what the focus point of the session is, is how it will work.If you would like to communicate with a loved one, this is the session for you.
Loved ones communicate with me through colors and symbols.
 If you do not have anyone who has crossed over, that's okay. I am also able to communicate with spirit guides or higher self. 
CONTACT: info@irisaura.co or
TXT: 818-641-8165 
International okay! 

30 minute session