No appointment necessary. 
Quick + beautiful energy healing using crystals.  

What is a crystal grid? 
A crystal grid is a geometric pattern of energetically aligned stones and/or flowers charged by intentions.

How does it work? 
I channel energy via name, while creating a crystal grid based on energy and intention. 

With your name and one intention. 
Examples: to cleanse the aura, attract love/friendship, to manifest. 
Note: One crystal grid covers one intention-
You may purchase multiple crystal grid intentions if desired. 
•If you’d like to set an intention for loved ones, please email with name or names of loved ones with intention(s) next to name(s). 
•If you’d like to set more than one intention for yourself, that is available. 
•Expect to hear from me with a photo of your unique crystal grid within 48 hours via email. 

I look forward to connecting to your energy + intentions.  


Crystal Grid intention