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30 minute remote viewing energy healing session via text.



Energy healings allow me to scan your aura + see what I am meant to see + feel. I am guided by ancestors, spirit guides, + your higher self throughout the entire session.

Energy healings allow me to plant seeds within your aura by going into a trance state + energetically painting/drawing within your subtle bodies. I assist your energy in the release of what is no longer needed as you move forward in life.





Make donationI will email you within 24 hours to schedule - (check spam) WHAT TO EXPECT:After scheduling + before we connect, I will ask you to send a recent photo of yourself to my private work phone.Because I offer sessions over the phone, photos help me connect + focus on energy throughout the session.

I am focusing on your eyes in the photo.I will text you at our scheduled time + call when I have a solid connection.TIPS:Set an intention to have an open heart + an open mind for the best messages to come through.Be ready to take notes or feel free to record your session. AFTER SESSION FAQ:Q: HOW MANY TIMES SHOULD I TALK TO YOU? HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?

A: Feel free to book as many sessions as needed. I’ve had people book sessions once a month, to several times a month, to several times a year. Everybody needs support sometimes, especially while navigating stressful or uncertain times in their life.

I am honored to play a small role in your beautiful journey.

Trust your feelings. Trust your intuition.


Q: HOW TO SCHEDULE OR GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU AGAIN?A: Save 8186418165 in your phone or in your notes.Schedule again by texting me, emailing me, or visiting this website and booking by purchasing the session you desire.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Sessions are scheduled in order - first come, first served.Absolutely no refunds.




Email: to schedule + receive additional payment information.FOR QUESTIONS - CONTACT:email: info@irisaura.cotxt: 818-641-8165


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