September 18, 2016



 "I see beautiful colors all around you."  

-colour gypsy




Auras, we've all heard of them.  When I am asked what auras are, I explain that everything carries energy; people, animals, plants, rocks, cars, furniture, everything!  Energy takes form in colour.  I like to see it as it's way of showing us what level it's on



I want to share what I know from my own personal experience regarding auras.  During medium sessions, spirit guides + loved ones communicate with me by giving me symbols and colour. Because I was an artist before I was a spiritual medium, spirit knew to use colour as a form of communication with me.  I receive colour as a message and then translate it to my clients. 

In most situations, I am able to view my client's aura and the aura of their deceased loved one(s). I am not only able to view their energy frequency colour, but spirit suggests anyone can shift their aura by using chromotherapy, also known as colour therapy.  How amazing is that, to know that your frequency can be shifted so easily by just wearing or visualizing colour.  I want to share each colour and what it tells me about each person.













Aura photograpy is becoming the latest trend in major cities all over the U.S.  Check out these aura photos by


 Energy never lies.  On a final note, rememeber...


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