crystallized | my first connection to the other side

Unlike many other mediums, I did not see spirits as a child.

I was actually 28 years old when I had my first direct encounter with a spirit.

It was not something I sought after or ever considered to be honest.

I mean I read a lot of books from the "new age" section at bookstores,

especially books about astrology since I was about 17 years old.

And being an artist, I have always been open-minded and fascinated by the unknown.

Shifting and shaping into new versions of myself has been my vibe.

I still could have never imagined I would become who I am today.

I want to share where and how it really started for me.

It all started in a dream.......


I fall asleep.

I see a woman.

She feels bright and cheerful.

I don't recognize her, but I feel her emotionally, she's sweet.

She is wearing pink. She has shoulder length straight blonde hair.

She is full figured. She tells me her shirt is tight in her chest region.

She may need a bigger size shirt because that part of her body is too large now.

I laugh at what she is telling me.

She walks me to her son.

She tells me he passed when he was young, but she found him.

They're together now.

She is so happy, so I am happy for her.

She invites me to sit with her.

It looks as if we are in Tuscany, Italy.

We're sitting outside on the patio.

She laughs and thanks me for making her laugh.

I am confused, so she explains that she would read my family group chat between my sister Ally and our mom.

I start to laugh and apologize for my sense of humor, but she insists it's okay and that it was appreciated.

She gets up and begins to walk.

I follow her lead.

We enter a cafe filled with people she knows.

As she chats with friends and family, a cartoon like cow walks in and past us and into the countryside.

I start to pull away from her at this point.

I can feel myself leaving.

I wake up.

It's the middle of the afternoon.

I can hear my children playing in their room.

I must've fallen asleep on the living room couch.

In the first trimester of my pregnancy, it happens all the time.

I have been having more dreams lately, but not like this one.

This one was different.

This one felt significant in ways I could not understand in that moment.

I had more questions than answers.

Why and how did the dream feel so real?

Why did I feel like I am supposed to give a message to someone before I forget?

Why this sudden sense of urgency?

Why am I texting a group chat that consists of my sister Ally and our mom, searching for clarity?

Group text:

Myself: I had the strangest dream about a woman with short blonde hair and in a pink shirt who lost a son and

recently passed away and is reunited with him. More details to come.

Mom: That's interesting...

Myself: Why?

Mom: Because Ally's supervisor from work passed away 3 weeks ago and fits that description.

A couple of phone calls later....

Her name is Annie.

She was a supervisor of my sister Ally.

She passed away from breast cancer.

She had surgery to remove the cancer, but it wasn't enough.

Her natural hair was short straight and blonde.

She took a trip to Europe as a final farewell.

Her son passed away at a very early age.

She was buried near a farm with a lot of cows.

Ally would share my family's group chats with her to make her laugh.

So many questions.

How did I not know any of this before?

How did Ally keep this all to herself?

How in the world did I see this sweet soul?

She must've really wanted to get a message across to Ally.

But how?!?

So many more questions.

A few weeks pass.

A lot of napping, but no more dreams.

I took what happened as a sweet miracle and went about life.

Then one day, as I am looking for something, I decide to look under the livingroom couch.

I am reunited with a clear crystal I had bought on a spontaneous trip to Santa Monica.

A crystal I was told, "would help me attract money."

My gut knew this little crystal had something to do with the sweet miracle dream I had a few weeks ago.

I search online for:

"Crystal Quartz"

I come across something so on point, it gave me reoccurring goosebumps.

Crystal Quartz:

Opens + amplifies spiritual abilities.

Awakens spiritual gifts.

Activates clairvoyance.

Aligns with soul's purpose.

I decided to put my new little crystal friend back in my wallet.

I felt it had done its job with me.

Not knowing what any of it meant, or what to do about it all,

I went about life like it never happened.

Until it all slowly started to change.