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I am Leticia.
I am a 4th generation mystic.
I connect with ancestors + spirit animals in order to inspire, encourage, + guide.
I am an oracle.
I look into eyes + see the colors of your soul.
I am an artist.
I create + express the world I know, feel, + see through words + art.
I am a medicine woman.
I connect with nature remedies to cleanse + align energy.
I am a medium.
I connect with loved ones who have crossed over in order to provide healing, validation, + faith.
My ancestors are beautifully gifted souls who left this realm before I was born.  I have been guided by my ancestors' essence  + taught through life experiences, which did require a significant amount of trust.
Mystic training began around the age of 5 when I would see + dream of spirits in my childhood home.  The experiences I had as a child led me to become a destructive teen.  My ancestors intervened by placing a zodiac book in my closet.  I dove headfirst into the starry waters.  I studied the outline of personalities for years +  began offering unsolicited comedic zodiac readings at the age of 17.  Eventually I was appreciated + sought out for them within my community.
Color therapy aligned with me at the age of 25.  While I worked as a nail technician, I began offering color medicine readings.  I encouraged specific colors be worn in order to create energetic pathways towards their wants + needs.
My mediumship abilities returned at the age of 28.
My mom took me to visit my great uncle who offers readings.  He told me about his mom + great grandparents, which validated my experiences since I was a kid.  
My ancestors offered healings and mystic readings, but learned to be quiet about their work to avoid judgement.  My great uncle told me that I would continue their work + help people.
After working with a catholic healer, I began offering color + medium readings at the age of 29.
I wanted to learn + heal myself as much as I could. 
I crossed paths with a local oracle/reiki master + I experienced my first reiki healing session. 
I met one of my spirit guides + it encouraged me to become Reiki 1 + 2 attuned.  
Reiki 2 triggered my medicine woman initiation.
I became extremely sensitive during this time.  I channeled the energy of the plants + food I ate.
I began to channel food medicine to heal the mind, body, emotion, + spirit during sessions.
I continued to learn through life experiences + from many medicine people during this stage of my life.
A peruvian shaman helped me heal my emotional body.  He also taught me how to ask for support.  
A modern 6th generation shaman helped me shed limiting thought patterns I was not aware of.  He helped me to understand the process of "energetic purging."  He also helped guide me into the completion of my initiation.  
I have learned the indigenous ways of healers from the Sierra Nevada of Colombia, Inca descendants, an Apache medicine woman, + Mayans in Guatemala.  
*Out of deep respect, I do not share what I learn from the indigenous in my sessions.
Realigning myself allows me to access deeper levels of wisdom within myself, which then allows me to access deeper perspectives in my connection with souls during sessions.
I adapt + learn often.
I am enrolled in herbal studies + creating "art medicine for sensitive souls" - Iris Aura Studio

My intention is to:
Express from a place of heart truth
To hold space
To love
To experience
To provide clarity
To validate
To demonstrate total acceptance
To empower
To inspire
To learn
To teach
To heal
To provoke
To encourage the awakening of the wild divine feminine
To remind the wild divine feminine she is seen, heard, + needed.

Thank you for aligning with me.
I look forward to connecting with your magic.



Samone P.
Hayward, CA

"Leticia is awesome!
I'm a big believer in the fact that there are people among us who have great gifts that are meant to help other people out.  I've been read before and have known people personally with gifts that help connect us to those that have passed or our spiritual guides.  I was connected to Leticia thru a co-worker.  Without going into too much detail she was able to reconnect me with a family member whom had recently passed a few months prior.  I gave her NO details whatsoever! The even better part was that she did my reading all over text message! No need to touch you or see you in person to read the energy around you.  Her description of my relative that passed was spot on and his message helped members in my family heal. I ended recommending her to everyone I knew that would be open to her gift.  I highly recommend her.  I don't write reviews often, but for her I will because her reading was very helpful."

Kim R.
Las Vegas, NV

"I always feel a gajillion times better after I have calls with @irisaura"

Jestine P.
Santa Monica, CA

"A good surprise:) I had my doubts, but I remained open because I believed there are truly gifted people and there are those who are not but claim to be.  Leticia didn't know who I was, where I live, or what I look like. All she had was my phone#.  

She started slow and nothing made sense.  Things didn't start making sense until a week after our conversation when I re-read our text about 10x over.  The things/words that Leticia said about what I asked her, no one could have known.  Leticia is truly gifted!!!!  Will definitely consult with her again.


Tel. 818.641.8165


Valencia, CA


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