Hi there, my name is Leticia, I am a married mama.  
I am a music lover.  I am an artist.  
I am a rainbow mystic.

I work as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realm.
I connect people to their loved ones who have crossed over.  
I use color as a form of communication with spirit: loved ones who walk in white light, spirit guides,
ascended masters, and spiritually gifted children.
​I use color energy, flower energy, crystal energy, symbols, earth's natural energy to energetically heal, recharge, cleanse subtle bodies/aura.  
(I mostly work in the earth star and thigh chakra, the emotional body, astral layer, celestial body, and ketheric template/Spiritual body-
sometimes I work within all bodies, if I am divinely guided.)

A little about my spiritual journey.

I was born into a family of mediums, psychics, tarot readers, & palm readers.  
My great grandmother was a mystic as well as my great great grandmother.   
Even though I had been sort of offering astrology readings since the age of 17,
the next phase of my abilities didn't "hit" until age 24.  
I have had many many readings and sessions throughout my life, that I later realized was preparation for my life as a mystic.
It began with dreams of spirits in the middle of the night who would borderline demand
I give messages to loved ones or just listen to them speak.    

 I use the energy of color, flowers, natural earth, crystals, and/or art as a form of communication/healing.

X Leticia


I communicate with spirit through color.  Spirit encourages aura shifting by using color therapy, chromotherapy, also known as light therapy.


I  communicate with loved ones who have left the physical world.  I use clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudience as a way of communicating. Spirits typically show me color as a form of communication. 



I offer distant and in person

"rainbow healing" sessions.

Which is done by energetically painting over chakras and in between chakras in order to , recharge, heal, and/or balance the soul.


I am able to identify and

connect to the abilities of

others during sessions.

Psychic, medium,

healer abilities.


I connect to living

children's energy.  

Babies, toddlers, and/or

"crystal or rainbow children"

connect to me distantly. 

I am also able to connect to

"spiritually gifted" children.


Distant clearing of home

or work space of unwanted energy.

I also provide removal

of attached low vibration entities.


Valencia, California


Txt: 818-641-8165


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