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I am Leticia.
I am a 4th generation mystic, medium, shaman, oracle. 
I connect to everything and anything I am meant to in order to restore alignment.
I look into eyes and see the colors of your soul.
I am an artist.
I create + express the world I know, feel, see, +
understand through words + art.  

My ancestors are beautifully gifted souls who
left this realm before I was born. 
I have been guided by my ancestors' essence
+ taught through life experiences, which did require a
significant amount of trust.
Mystic training began around the age of 5 when I would see and dream of spirits in my childhood home. 
The experiences I had as a child led me to become a destructive teen.  My ancestors intervened by placing a zodiac book in my closet.  I dove headfirst into the starry waters and studied the outline of personalities for years.  I began offering unsolicited comedic zodiac readings at the age of 17.
Color therapy aligned with me at the age of 25.  I began offering color medicine by encouraging specific colors be worn or eaten in order to create energetic pathways towards wants/needs.
Medium abilities returned at the age of 28. 
After studying with a christian healer, I began offering color and medium readings at the age of 29.
My mystic/shaman remembering began at the age of 30.  I began channeling the energy of plants and foods in order to restore balance within the soul. 
I began learning through life experiences as well as from many medicine people.
A peruvian shaman based out of Florida helped me heal as well taught me how to ask for support.   A modern 6th generation shaman helped me shed limiting thought patterns and beliefs.
I have learned the indigenous ways of healers from the Sierra Nevada of Colombia, Inca descendants, an Apache medicine woman, and  Mayans in Guatemala.  
(Out of deep respect, I do not share what I learn from the indigenous in my sessions.)
Realigning myself allows me to access deeper levels of wisdom within myself, which then allows me to access deeper perspectives in my connection with souls during sessions.
I adapt + learn often. 
I offer many unique styles of sessions.  
Color is my first language with the spirit realm. 
I am able to pick up color medicine in sessions quickly.
I also connect with loved ones who have crossed over through color.
Because I have learned + continue to grow with the support of nature spirits such as plants, flowers, trees, animals, crystals, fruits, and herbs, I am able to connect with the appropriate nature medicine during sessions. 
Because I connect with fire, earth, air, + water to journey into different dimensions, I am able to connect with the elements needed to restore balance.

My intention is to express from a place of total heart truth, to love, to experience, to provide clarity,to validate, to demonstrate total acceptance, to empower, to inspire, to learn, to provoke.  To awaken and remind the wild divine feminine she is seen, supported, and needed.
Thank you for aligning with me.
I look forward to connecting with your magic.
x Leticia


Valencia, California


Txt: 818-641-8165

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