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I’m Leticia. 
I am a married mama of three colorful souls. 
I am a ketheric artist.  
I create + express the world I know, feel, see, +
understand through words + art.  
I am a 4th generation mystic. 
I am a supernatural traveler.
I connect with all types of energy in order
to empower, inspire, + illuminate. 
My ancestors are beautifully gifted souls who
seemed to be in hiding for many generations + left
this realm before I was born. 
I was not able to experience all of their wisdom
firsthand.  I have been fortunate enough to have
been pointed in helpful directions by my Great Uncle.
 I have been guided by my ancestors' essence
+ taught through life experiences, which did require a
significant amount of trust.
Mystic training began around the age of 5, when I would
experience dreams + visuals of spirits.
Religion eventually was heavily pushed upon me,
but did not stop my experiences entirely. 
I was in my rebellious teens when my
ancestors intervened by presenting a zodiac book in my
bedroom closet.  I dove headfirst into the starry waters.
I eventually started to offer sort of like comedic zodiac reads. 
The next wave of abilities hit around the age of 27, while I was pregnant with my third child. I would dream of spirits who have crossed over. I also began to see shadow spirits + colors.  Mediumship was the call. I eventually answered + worked with an amazing healer based  out of Long Island, New York.  She helped me begin offering color + medium sessions.  
The next wave felt more like a tsunami + hit around the age of 31.  It was a shaman call. 
After years of resisting + accepting, I answered + learned much from a Miami based Peruvian Shaman. 
The spirit animal of the Jaguar eventually appeared in dreams + led me further into my journey.
Beautiful workshops began to present themselves for my personal healing + development, I began to learn the indigenous ways of healers from the Sierra Nevada of Colombia, Inca descendants, as well as Mayans in Guatemala.  
Even though I do not share this beautiful wisdom in my sessions, learning the magical ways are what allow me to access deeper levels of wisdom + knowledge within myself, which then allows me to access deeper perspectives in my connection with souls during sessions.
I adapt + learn often.  I am currently learning very much from a modern 6th generation shaman.
I offer many unique styles of sessions.  
Because color is the first energy language taught by my ancestors, color is my primary language + I am able to pick up color medicine in most sessions. 
Because I have learned + continue to grow along nature spirits such as plants, flowers, trees, animals, crystals, fruits, herbs, + veggies, I am able to connect with the appropriate nature medicine during sessions. 
Because I connect with music, fire, earth, air, + water to journey into the dimensions within + without souls, I am able to connect with the appropriate elements or sounds to invoke for soul medicine during sessions.  
My effort is to express from a place of total heart truth, to love, to experience, to provide clarity, to support, to validate, to demonstrate total acceptance, to empower, to inspire, to learn, to provoke, to awaken the wild divine feminine.



Valencia, California


Txt: 818-641-8165

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